Homemade Thank You Notes

Paige got a lot of Christmas gift and I think it’s important to send thank you notes. So instead of purchasing boring, unoriginal thank you notes for her to send to the awesome people who spoiled her for Christmas, I decided that we had to do something special. I considered letting her create the artwork for her cards but since she’s just 3 months old (er, a few days shy of 3 months), I thought something different might be a better idea. This is what I came up with:

Cute, right? I think so. The husband took a picture of her next to the Christmas tree at my sister’s house that I really liked. So I submitted it to Costco online and had it printed as wallet-size prints. For $.39, you can get 4 wallet-size prints to a sheet. Fabulous! Baby Girl and I took a trip to Michaels for the rest of our supplies. I wanted to find blank cards that were slightly larger than the photos, but those were unavailable so I got some that were bigger than what I wanted. I knew the photo would be too small for those cards, so I found some Christmasy looking scrapbook paper that I could use to frame the photos. I hadn’t planned on doing this, but fortunately I wasn’t able to find the smaller note cards I had originally wanted and came up with something even better and cuter! I also picked up some black photo corner mounting thingies to use to stick the photos to the cards. This way the thank you note recipients can easily remove the photo if they want to keep it. I used my Fiskars wavy edged scissors to cut out the scrapbook paper photo frames. I glued those to the front of the cards, stuck the photo on with the black photo mounting thingies, stamped a big P (found in Michaels dollar section) on the back of each card, and the cards were done! I also used the P stamp on the back of each sealed envelope.

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Homemade Christmas Gift

Christmas 2010 was Baby Girl’s first Christmas and she wanted to give her dad something nice. Since she was just 2 months old, she didn’t have any money to spend so she decided to paint him a picture. We went to Michaels and picked up an 8×10 artist’s canvas for half price and some kid safe paint and headed home to start our project. I already had paint brushes for her to use. I considered letting her finger paint, but quickly changed my mind when I realized what a mess that would make. I put some old towels on the kitchen floor, stripped Baby Girl down to her diaper, and let the creativity begin. While she sat in my lap, I dipped the brush in the paint, put it in her hand gave her a little support to keep the brush in her hand, and let her put paint wherever she wanted to put it. Here’s the finished product:

Her dad loved it!

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