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Homemade Laundry Soap, Take 2

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  • September 20, 2012

Last year I made my own laundry soap. It was the powdered kind. It worked well, but sometimes I had powder chunks left on my clothes after washing them. White chunks of powdery stuff on my black clothes wasn’t working for me. I tried dissolving it before using it, but that didn’t work so well either.

Today I made my own laundry soap again, but this time I made the liquid kind! Using my favorite resource for everything lately, Pinterest, I found a recipe that sounded good and easy.

The recipe I used is here and the original blog post I found is here.

In the recipe, she says to use any kind of bar soap you want. I used Ivory. She also separated it into 2 1-gallon bottles. I learned that it gets quite thick when cooled, so I divided it into 3 1-gallon bottles and added water to each until they were filled up. Then I shook them really well.

Here’s my finished product!

It was so easy to make! It took about a half hour, maybe a little less. And it was dirt cheap! I recommend letting it cool a bit before filling your bottles. The first load is in the laundry now. I love saving money!

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