Favorite Things

Favorite Things

Kinder Joy Eggs

My kids LOVE Kinder Eggs. Heck, I do too! When I went to college in England, I bought them all the time and had a big collection of the awesome toys that are hidden inside. They were hard to find in the United States, but could be purchased at British shops and other stores that sold foreign foods. Then someone decided they were unsafe and they became illegal in the United States. BOO!

Sometimes brave people, like my mom, sneak them into the US. Here’s a contraband egg my mom brought me from Wales earlier this year.

Kinder Egg

Kinder has created a new egg that’s legal in the US and still has all of the awesomeness of the original eggs. They’re called Kinder Joy Eggs. I didn’t know about them, but while browsing a new local grocery store, Harvest Fresh Farmers Market, I unexpectedly found them! They were a bit pricey, but I knew the kids would be crazy for them, so I got one for each kiddo. The egg splits into two, and each side is covered and sealed with plastic. One side contains some yummy Nutella-like deliciousness with 2 chocolate balls in it, and the other side contains a super awesome Kinder toy that’s just like the toys in the original eggs.

My kids, being little budding YouTube stars, demanded that I make a video of them opening their eggs. So here it is. (Click Continue Reading for the video if you can’t see it.) Thanks, Kinder! We’re loving the new, legal eggs!

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Favorite Things

Bye Bye Poop Stains

So we’ve got this new poop thing going on. The Girl has never had any poop issues. At home she does dainty little girly poops pretty regularly. We have rarely had diaper leaks and, when we have had leakers, they haven’t been anything major. Lately she has still been having dainty little girly poops at home, but when we go out, WOW! Explosion! And I don’t mean, “oops, her diaper leaked a little.” Nope. I mean big, wet, running down the leg, on the carseat poops. Serious poop. And it’s always when we’re out. The latest one happened this evening. I thought it was nothing major until I lifted her out of the car seat. It was everywhere! How does so much poop come out of someone so small? I haven’t even checked out the car seat yet. Eww. Her outfit was poop-soaked and it was even on her sock. Poor Baby Girl.

By now, after all of our poop mishaps, I should have had to toss out a few outfits. You’d think they’d be ruined, right? Because that stuff stains! Nope, all of her outfits still look clean and newish. Have you tried OxiClean? When they say, “Gets the tough stains out,” they aren’t kidding! They really should market that stuff to new moms. I keep a bucket of it diluted in water in my laundry room and whenever Baby Girl poops all over something, I toss it in to soak and wash it when I do my next load of laundry. That yucky greenish yellow baby poop that is notorious for staining whatever it comes in contact with, but I’ve never had a stain. It’s seriously amazing. If you know a new mom and need to get her a gift, get her a Costco-size bucket of OxiClean.

By the way, no, I was not paid to declare my love for OxiClean. My love for it is 100% real.

Actually, now that I think about it, there was a stain that the OxiClean failed on. A few weeks ago I was wearing a white shirt and eating In-N-Out Burger in a car in the dark. Some of the In-N-Out deliciousness dribbled down the front of my shirt and multiple soakings in OxiClean and washings with bleach have failed to remove the stain. Don’t worry though, OxiClean. My love for you lives on. One failure won’t make me change my mind about you.