Homemade Christmas Gift

Christmas 2010 was Baby Girl’s first Christmas and she wanted to give her dad something nice. Since she was just 2 months old, she didn’t have any money to spend so she decided to paint him a picture. We went to Michaels and picked up an 8×10 artist’s canvas for half price and some kid safe paint and headed home to start our project. I already had paint brushes for her to use. I considered letting her finger paint, but quickly changed my mind when I realized what a mess that would make. I put some old towels on the kitchen floor, stripped Baby Girl down to her diaper, and let the creativity begin. While she sat in my lap, I dipped the brush in the paint, put it in her hand gave her a little support to keep the brush in her hand, and let her put paint wherever she wanted to put it. Here’s the finished product:

Her dad loved it!

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