Babymoon in Hawaii

That’s a new word to me. I had never heard it until I got knocked up. I think it’s defined as the last vacation you and the dude get to take before the baby takes over your life. (From the outside, I mean. It has already taken over from the inside.) Anyway, I was afraid we wouldn’t get to take a vacation, er, I mean babymoon, this summer. But, alas, we’re going to Maui next week and I CAN’T WAIT! We were given a timeshare to use and found a cheap rental car. Yippee! My plans for Maui: laziness, avoiding sunburn, eating lots of yummy fresh fruit and delicious food, and indulging in a big dish of Shave Ice every day. No, not Shaved Ice. It’s Shave Ice in Hawaii. Yeah, I don’t know. I suppose proper grammar isn’t important when you’re talking about something so refreshing and awesome.

Scandinavian Shave Ice in Kona, HI

Even though we’re not leaving for a week, I’ve already started laying out the stuff I want to pack. This is unusual for me. I’m a procrastinator and typically put off packing for anything until late the night before. I think this means I’m really excited for my trip! My husband and I have decided to share a suitcase, so we’ve got to pack light. We’re doing this because the airlines are now charging to check bags and we’re trying to save wherever we can. But our suitcase can’t be over 50 lbs. That sounds like a lot, but once you get all your junk packed and weigh your bag, it’s easy for it to be overweight. Ugh. You suck, airlines! Oh well. Good thing we’re going somewhere hot so we don’t have to take any heavy clothes. I’ll be living in summer dresses and my favorite Cobian flip flops all week! Yay for vacay!

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