“May need repeat washings.”

I was watching a new show on TLC tonight called “Extreme Couponing” about these people who save a butt load of cash on groceries, but end up buying so much stuff that their groceries take over their houses and they look like organized hoarders. Is it really necessary to buy 30 bottles of mustard? It doesn’t matter because that’s not the point of this post. Have you seen this commercial for colorful bubbles by Crayola?

Who could have possibly thought this was a good idea? Probably someone who doesn’t have kids and doesn’t do laundry. Are clear bubbles not good enough anymore? Supposedly these new colored bubbles are washable (it’s in the name), but my favorite part is the fine print that pops up at 0:23 that says, “May need repeat washings.” Fabulous. Thanks for the warning, Crayola. Now I definitely won’t be purchasing your product. Every mom (and laundry-doing dad) will be thrilled to have to wash their kids clothes multiple times to get the colorful fun out. I have 1 word for this: OxyClean.

The latest Baby Girl news is that she is now a kisser. I captured this cuteness yesterday afternoon. Enjoy!

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